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Published: 11th February 2010
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Very few may know that MS Word uses a global template ( to store its default settings such as font, font size, etc and is used with each of the MS Word file, when opened. But, this global template file is prone to corruption. Its corruption may also cause Word document(s) corruption. The situation may become worse and render all the data stored in the document, inaccessible. In these scenarios, a backup file comes in handy to restore the data. But, if the backup file fails to help or is absent, then you need to perform repair word file using a third-party file repair tool.

Usually, you may receive the following error message on starting MS Word:

"Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Microsoft further suggests you to send an error report to Microsoft. When you either click 'Send Error Report' or 'Don't Send', the following error message appears:

Word has detected a problem with the existing Would you like to create a new


The error might be the result of the corrupt or damaged global template ( This also causes the documents based on this template to get corrupt. As a result of all this, your data stored in the Word documents get inaccessible, which leads to severe loss in your work area.


To workaround the issue, you can try renaming the global template temporarily to find out if it is causing problem. On renaming this template, various options like custom styles, custom toolbars, macros, etc get reset to their default settings.
You should always try to rename the global template instead of deleting it as it enables restoring all settings, provided the template is not corrupt.

However, if due to any reason, renaming the global template does not help, then you need to find another way to resolve the issue. In such situations, a third-party word repair tool helps you to retrieve and restore your data from the corrupted Word documents. The word repair tool does it comprehensively by employing efficient scanning algorithms. The software restores the repaired file without altering the original file. The repair tool employs complex algorithms to read the content of the corrupt file and keeps saving the data in another file. In addition, you should find it easy working with the utility due to its intuitive graphical interface.

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